Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Calling

Sometimes I find myself in a position to write a profile on myself and my midwifery. This is Soooo challenging . How can I say what midwifery really means to me in a profile?
Midwifery is the rhythm of my life , the beating of my heart; it runs through my deepest veins. Sometimes it runs through my veins as naturally as smoothly as our unconscious sleeping breaths. Other times, as naturally, it pounds with passion, coloring my feelings in a way I cannot contain.

The mystery of the feminine, of birth, is more engaging than any author you will ever read, any movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Who will this child be? How will he change his world. How will this mama be affected - will it be as a gentle breeze over grass, or as a storm can forge a new river through the face of the earth?
What can I bring to these families?
And will I actually know, be aware of, the ways in which each woman has changed my life?
All I really know is that each woman, mother, and midwife that I get to work with will leave her lovely marks on me. I am So very grateful that midwifery is my calling.


  1. Sometimes, the precise wording in a poem will more clearly capture the passion behind the reasoning. Just a thought...

    My Calling
    By Paula White

    I am a midwife
    A vocation that has become
    The rhythm of my life
    The beating of my heart
    The emotion that runs
    through my veins like the smooth, deep breaths of unconscious sleep

    I am a midwife
    the calling that has become
    The very rhythm of my being
    Pounding with passion
    coloring the matrix of feelings
    with a rainbow of blessed experiences
    reaping amazing emotions a body cannot contain

    I am a midwife
    Addressing the mystery of the feminine
    The magic of birth
    more engaging than any author's best vernacular
    or a movie that has kept the audience on the edge of a seat
    A brand new, perfect life
    Will it be like the gentle breeze over blades of long golden grass, or grow as a mighty storm to forge a new river across the face of the earth,
    How will this baby change the world?

    I am a midwife
    Who has been called to midwifery
    whose art is to empower the safe care of women
    In the end, the most precious gift from each woman, mother and child is the loving mark left on my awestruck soul.

    I am so very grateful that midwifery is my calling.

  2. I don't believe I have ever seen it so elequently put! I love it!