Monday, June 27, 2011

VBAC in Arizona

Do you know that Arizona is one of only 4 states that prohibit Licensed Midwives from attending women who have a history of a cesarean birth? In Yavapai County there also are no hospitals that "allow" Vaginal Birth After Cesarean ( VBAC) This leaves women who have that history with 2 choices- neither of which are acceptable to many, many women, or to me. They can choose to submit to an unnecessary surgery, or they can birth their babies at home without the help of a trained attendant.
Think about it ! Is there any other situation in which a large group of people would be subjected to forced surgery , against their will, due to politics? We wouldn't stand for that. So why, during the time that should be such a positive life changing experience, do we accept this?
Many studies show that VBAC is safe. Many studies show that what is unsafe with VBAC is chemical induction - which happens in hospitals.
There are many who choose to have unattended homebirths. That is their right. But many of us just aren't there. I'm a midwife. I like to think that I have something to contribute to a birth, such as overseeing the normalcy of the process and the safety of Baby and Mom. Also, because of my experience I can just make the process a little easier sometimes .
..I like to imagine what would happen if the women who want VBACs in the hospital, would just show up in labor and refuse to sign the form consenting to cesarean delivery.
And if the families who choose to birth at home unattended because they feel that's the best choice they can make under these circumstances were to come forward and confront the state - along with the moms who submit to a repeat c-section because they feel that's their only choice.
We can do that, people. Now is the time.
Mail your letters to :
Will Humble
Director, Arizona Department of Health Services
150 N. 18th Ave
Phoenix AZ 85007
You can cc Thomas Salow, his Legal Advisor.
Everyone please write! Whether you have had a cesarean delivery or not, let your voice count. Even as a tax payer- unnecessary cesareans cost you! Thanks!

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  1. It will only possible to make a change in policy if we show we really want it. Everyone write letters!